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A lot is happening in Mexico right now! The past few days the have been several gun shootings in my town because the government cant control the drugs cartel problem, INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVE DIED! Authorities says nothing is happening. We’ve been using social media to alert other people of dangerous situation, to avoid certain streets because something is happening there and things like that. And its not just my town! the whole country is at war!

And while a lot of people have been suffering, the president is more concerned about censoring the internet! Because that’s where he gets more of the real and harsh criticism! Because he wants people to be ignorant! Because the protest about his corrupted campaign and election started in social media. Because every mistake he makes is all over the internet! He wants us silent!

April 21st, help us in the fight for our right the express freely! #ContraelSilencioMx 

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The Carmelite Monastery of San Ángel

Mexico City, Mexico

I’m currently working on a full piece for Atlas Obscura on theses guys but I couldn’t wait to share the photos I took today. These are naturally occurring mummies on display in the crypt beneath the monastery in San Ángel. The corpses are former parishioners of the neighboring church buried between 1600 and 1800. They were found by accident when troops ransacked the monastery during the Mexican Revolution in 1917.

More to come soon…

All photos by me.